My First Sikh WEDDING FILM at Fasque Castle

I had the pleasure of filming Mandeep & Jagjeet’s special day, my first Sikh wedding, at Fasque Castle - Wow what a day! The had flown up from London for their dream wedding in Scotland.

We had an early start kicking off filming at 7:30am, but not as early as the bride and groom with their prep starting around 4:30am! capturing all the amazing Sikh traditions - the outfits and attention to detail was something else! With the Milni, the traditional Sikh wedding ceremony which is 1 ½ hours in length, the Dholi, a Uk ceremony, couples shoot, meal and speeches plus the grand entrance to the cake cutting and the most fun and energetic wedding dance I have ever seen! there was so much magic caught on camera that day!

Big thanks to our guides Sarvam & Meetal Patel from Sarvam Patel Photography who kept us informed on how the day flows at a Sikh wedding! Sadly it was chucking it down with rain that day but we managed to get outside for 10 minutes to capture the happy couple Mandeep and Jagjeet in front of the stunning Fasque Castle!

With the Milni and Sikh Ceremony conducted by the Pratap Brothers and Emma McPherson hosting the Uk service.

The dance was just insane!!! With beats by GTown Desi DJ Bobby mixed with bagpipes and drums and just the most amazing dancing you’ll ever see! We shall never forget being a part of this wonderful day! Congratulations again to the happy couple!